The Omnilist of Christian Links

Hi! I'm Keith Arthurs, the programmer behind the Omnilist. The Omnilist has been sort of a hobby of mine, and its also my way of using my computer talents to help out the Christian community.

The Omnilist consists of categorized pages, with subcategories of Christian sites listed on each page. I've selected the best sites from the Omnilist, and made them GOLD sites, and other sites that I thought were well done I listed as SILVER sites. I've tried to include a short description of each site to help out in finding exactly the site you're looking for.

The directory may be searched using the search form on the main page.

I'm always open to suggestions, so if there is something I could do to make the site easier to use, or if there is any major category of Christian links that are missing then please email me and let me know!

Link Icons

Feel free to use one of the following link icons to link to the Omnilist, or feel free to just use a plain text link :)

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If your site is listed as a GOLD site, then feel free to use one of the following 'Omnilist Gold Site' link icons.

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